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How to Cross Pemigewasset Wilderness?

I always looked at a vast green area on the New Hampshire White Mountain map and wondered, what is it in there?  It must be like a jungle in there.  No people, just quietness and tranquility and calm.  But I  could never come up with an itinerary to actually cross it.  By the time you reach […]


14 August 29, 2010: The End – From Zurich to Boston

Last Day in Europe On Sunday, August 29, we woke up in Winkel, Switzerland. [09:47] A pleasant surprise – We paid 90CHF for hotel  Landgasthof Breiti, but I was expecting something around 130 CHF. [10:14] It is  Sunday, but Airport Gas Station is opened and there are no lines. Here we paid 79.55 CHF for […]

Finding Self

Эмоциональное Затишье

Эмоциональное Затишье [Media Timeout] Перестать заливать  себя звуковым мусором.  [20:18] Объявить мараторий на новые впечатления.  Остановиться затоплять себя все новыми роликами, звуками и картинами.  Дать каркасу индивидуальности высохнуть от постоянного дождя инфомации.  Защитить себя от TV, DVD, Internet, радио, музыки, книг, болтовни, шума, voice mail, returning phone calls and emails – объявить эмоциональный штиль. Найти […]


How Not to Write Professionally – Emotional System Integration

You have all these great investments into infrastructure and software. Let’s draw a mental picture.  Infrastructure represents bridges and tunnels.  Software stands for masses of land.  But you do not really want all those islands to be indigenous.  You want all your pockets of data and applications talk to each other, or at least have […]

Suvorov Memorial near Devil's Bridge

12 August 27, 2010: St. Gotthard Pass and Lake Lucendro

Next day, Friday, August 27 2010 we woke up in Swiss-Italian Airolo. During breakfast we met a Swiss couple, who traveled on the rail, because it was “free” for them. They pay over 3000 CHF per year each to use the rial system for everyday commute.  So they decided to cross Switzerland without a car […]

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    How to update MySQL Server on Windows Machine   Preliminary notes: These steps work for MySQL Server that is running as a service on Windows machine. These steps were tested, when MySQL data directory is [...]
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    How to move all ASP.NET security tables to your custom SQL database and how make it all work together.
    Consists of three steps:
    -01- Create security tables in your current custom database;
    -02- Generate a machine key
    -03- Modify web.config […]

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    There is a certain magic in many well-constructed marvels.  This definitely applies to a WordPress.  Just recently I needed to fix something inside user registration procedure, and with very limited PHP knowledge, I was able [...]
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    Часть 10. 21 – 25 августа 1942   21 августа 1942                           14.30                              Дер. К. Здравствуй, моя дорогая, вечно любимая женушка Тусенька! Всю свою любовь к тебе я передаю через этот красный карандаш, которым пишу. Пусть [...]

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